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You, the client, can choose the value of the voucher (minimum is 200 Kč). The amount can be gradually deducted from the voucher until it is completely used up (the voucher can never be exchanged forcash).

The Vouchers are not issued with name, therefore anyone can use them, a perfect gift.

Each voucher is valid for 1 year (can be extended, if the client is experiencing an unexpected situation).

The vouchers are for our massage salon only, you can not use them for the restaurant.

(Vouchers can not be used for our 1+1 promotion).

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d. poukaz prazdny-01.png

Options of purcahse

Personally in Thaj Samui

Just visit our salon, the receptionist will explain everything and prepare any voucher for you.

Payment only in cash.

ONLINE purchase

You can purchase vouchers via our email:

You will receive the vouchers in PDF and pay via bank transfer (we have only a Czech bank account).

When you want to use the voucher, you have to bring it printed out, otherwise, it won't be accepted

No promotions can be combined

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