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Pad Thai PROMO

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New Offer

Now you can buy VOUCHER for

 Pad Thai with 30% DISCOUNT

! (the voucher is usable only after 15:00) !

225 Kč

157 Kč


Purchase via message to:

The promotion is limited to 100 vouchers. The vouchers can be used for dine-in ONLY (not for delivery or takeout).

- Payment is via bank transfer.

- You don't need to print out the vouchers (show it via phone).

- The expiration date of the voucher: 3 months (when it expires, we do not accept it).

- You can order the Pad Thai with chicken on tofu.

- You can purchase up to 4 vouchers.

Bez názvu-1_Kreslicí plátno 1.jpg
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